Geofence, or geographical zone, is an area on the map that is important for user’s tracking purposes and requires special attention. Geofences can be used to control units’ activity in these areas or, on the contrary, outside them.
A geofence can have a shape of a line (for example, an avenue or any road), polygon (a city or park or plant), or circle with any radius


  • Geofences of any shape (line, circle, polygon) and color
  • Import/export from/to various formats
  • In/out geofence notifications
  • Geofence display on the map after report generation
  • Detailed description and information in tooltips
  • Saving tracks as line geofences to be used for route performance control
  • Geofences to filter intervals in reports or be used as route points and addresses
  • Binding of dynamically updated images/ videos/weather forecast to geofences